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Works and interventions in dentistry - Zirconium crowns*

The zirconium crowns, were imposed in dentistry due to the medical advantages, on which the zirconium offers them, as well as due to existence of the necessary technology of its extraction, purification and processing.
The zirconium is known from antiquity but was discovered as chemical element in the year 1789 by Martin Henrich Klaproth. The zirconium (Zr40) makes part of the metals group and is used in dental prosthetics and oral implantology under the zirconium dioxide form (ZrO2), a ceramics of white color.
The physicochemical properties of the zirconium ceramics gives it medical advantages compared with others metal alloys that are used in the present to perform dental crowns. The performing of zirconium dental crowns, is made by using a high technology, thing that determine increasing of their price.
The physicochemical characteristics of the zirconium dioxide are the following:

Having in view all these, the ceramics crowns on zirconium offer to the patient the following advantages:

In dentistry the crowns and dental bridges can be made either only by zirconium ceramics, or by zirconium ceramics covered vitreous ceramics.
Photo zirconium crowns - 1
Photo zirconium crowns - 2
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* the present article has an informative role and does not address the subject comprehensively.

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